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There are some questions we get asked on a regular basis. To help you to find an answer we have put together this easy to use FAQ page.

If there is anything missing, please get in touch and let us know. We will research your question and add it here. Where appropriate we will write an article that covers the subject in greater depth.

What are good Carbs?


Good carbs are low-sugar, high fiber foods that have not been heavily processed or refined.

An example of good vs bad carbs:

good-carb-breadWhite bread is a bad carb : this is made from heavily refined grains. The production process strips most of the fiber, which is a healthy carb, from the flour. What is left behind is a product that the body turns into glucose faster than it can burn that glucose. This creates an excess, which the body then stores as fat.

Wholegrain bread is a good carb : bread made from whole grains still contains most of the fiber that nature creates. The body turns the carbs into glucose at a steadier rate, so more of it is burnt off and used. This reduces the risk of the body having to store excess glucose as fat. In addition, the fiber feeds your gut bacteria, which helps you to get more out of the food that you eat.


Can good carbs make you fat?


Good carbs can only make you fat if you eat too many of them. In fact, many people find that switching to eating healthy or complex carbohydrates helps them to lose weight.


Do you have a list of good carbs?


Yes, we do. Here is the link.

Can diabetics eat good carbs?

The simple answer to this question is yes. But, and it is a big but is that diabetics need to follow the advice that their doctor gives them rather than something they read online. Someone with this disease needs to limit their intake of sugars or foods that are turned into sugars in the body. Carbohydrates fall into the latter category, so need to be eaten in moderation. This includes good carbs.

Eating too many good carbs would be dangerous for anyone suffering from diabetes.


Is brown rice a good carb?

High-Fiber-Brown-RiceYes it is. Largely, because it contains plenty of fiber. However, it is still wise not to eat too much of it.

We explain why here.

You can find a full list of good carb foods, by clicking here.


How many good carbs should I eat a day?


This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer accurately. The guidance on this subject varies greatly. One country tells its residents to eat.

If you live in America you are told to consume between 225 and 325 grams of carbs per day.

But, if you live in the UK the advice varies a little. There, you are advised to make carbohydrates a third of your diet. That works at around 167 grams of carbs for a woman. While a man should be eating 208 grams.

Confusing isn’t it?

Add in the fact that certain health conditions mean you need to avoid eating carbs more than others and you can see we really cannot simply answer that question with a simple figure.

However, what we can do is to tell you about the various studies and explain them in layman’s terms. This will provide you with the information you need to make a decision that is relevant to you.

What you will find is that if you make more of the carbs you eat unrefined ones you will naturally find the level of consumption that works for you.


How to tell good carbs from bad


The best way to tell good carbs from bad is to ask yourself if the food you are planning to be eat has been heavily refined. Or, if it has been made from ingredients that have been heavily processed.

Doing this will naturally lead to your choosing to eat wholegrain bread rather than opting for white presliced bread.

When it comes to carbs natural is always better than processed.

If the food you are about to eat is sweet it probably contains quite a bit of sugar. Provided it is in its natural state it is good to eat. However, if you are trying to loose weight, or suffer from certain health conditions,  you should still eat these foods in moderation. In many cases, it is better to choose to eat a handful of raspberries rather than opt for grapes.


Which fruits have good carbs?


All fruits contain good carbs. But, they all contain quite a high percentage of sugar, so you need to moderate your consumption a little.

Because some fruits are sweeter than others we have put together a list to help you to make the wisest choice. You can find it here.


What good carbs should I  eat before a run?


A lot of runners load up with carbs before they go for a run. Knowing this we have put together an in-depth article to help them to make the wisest choices. In general, runners should load up with complex starchy carbs rather than the sugary ones. Fiber rich carbs like oatmeal are a good addition to any athletes diet, but they are not the best pre-run “loading” carbs.